Master the Skills... With the MASTER'S !

Master the Skills... With the MASTER'S !

Navadha is proud to present a 6 day Certified Training program with the Masters of Aesthetic Micro Dentistry. Dr Domenico Massironi - ITALY
- Dr Massironi’s full immersion prosthesis and esthetics dentistry (3 days course 17-18-19 September 2018)
- Dr Conti’s course in direct and indirect restoration (3 days - 20th-21st-22nd September 2018)

Dr Massironi’s program (3 days course 17-18-19 September 2018)

1 day:
  • Investigation and analysis of the different marginal designs on different dental elements - Concepts of a modern Dental Preparation
  • Working position depending on of the sector treated (practical)
  • Preparation on fantoms
  • Use of oscillating instruments (practical)
  • Preparations for anterior and posterior teeth
  • Preparation for minimal invasive approach and for multiply teeth
Day 2:
  • Investigation and analysis of the different impression materials and techniques - Provisional after taking a precision tooth impression (theoretical)
  • The concepts of a Modern Esthetic Dentistry: clinical analysis and interpretation - Communication to the patient and the dental technician
Day 3:
  • Esthetics, Design and Communication and different materials for complete crowns and for laminate veneers
  • Design, Preparation (practical) for laminate veneers
  • Different preparations for different treatment plans and goal of the treatment

Dr Conti’s course (3 days - 20th-21st-22nd September 2018)

Day 1&1/2 Indirect Posterior
  • Treatment plan: from direct restorations to indirect, tooth preparation for indirect
  • Hands-on: composite onlay preparation
  • Hands-on onlay stratification
  • Hands-on onlay cementation
  • Tooth preparation for veneerlay
  • Hands-on: lithium Disilicate veneerlay prep
Day 1&1/2 Direct Anterior
  • Treatment plan and cavity prep for anterior
  • Hands-on prep for direct anterior class 4°
  • Adhesion and Stratification
  • Hands-on for adhesion and stratification
  • Teeth morphology and finishing
  • Hands-on finishing
  • Hands-on stratification of a complete central incisor from the root to the crown.

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