ADC journey - A Source of inspiration by Natasha Pakalpaty

Dear Friends,

I’m sharing my brief experience of this ADC journey as a source of inspiration for those who are sailing in the same boat at different stages in it. Believe me this exam is definitely achievable!! You need to have this positive attitude always alongwith strong determination, patience and will to never give up.

By God’s grace and constant support from family and friends I cleared my practical exam im November 2017. I started collecting all the materials required for practice immediately after clearing the theory exam which took me a month and a half. Never compromise on the materials or teeth. I received many queries which manikin to purchase it is your personal choice. I had purchased the original one from Navadha Enterprises which was one of my best investments. Initially I attended a 3-day demo session  by past candidates Dr. Kaushal Aghera & Dr. Allan pink. It gave me a brief idea about the exam and the tasks. I’m thankful to them.
Few tips I would like to share:

-       Learn to manage your stress and time. The examiners and DA are friendly and the exam center provides the best of the materials. So be relaxed at all times and work as if you are working on a patient in your clinic. Plan your day in the beginning and don’t worry if you need to redo or rectify any task you have enough buffer time.

-       Make a study group of 2-3 people it really helps, discuss and assess each others work that will help you develop a critical eye. Saroj Kamble and Pratibha Kavle were my study partners who helped me a lot. I personally feel you don’t need to spend on courses for it, if you know your criterias well you can do it all by yourself. I used to assess each of my task at the end of the day and make a note of mistakes and try to avoid it next time.

-       Don’t try to many techniques. Stick to one and repeat it till you get it right. Iniatially I concentrated on getting the technique right followed by time management.(I used to finish each task 15 minutes  before the alloted time for the exam)

-       Work smartly don’t overdo or beautify any task switch to next once it is in satisfactory grade.

-       While practicing always follow infection control guidelines appropriate to chair positions. Do not neglect the time tabled task they are really scoring. I would suggest to practice rubber dam everyday 2 months before the exam and also do it 3 times in 30 minutes (if thing don’t work in one go)

-       Work on the trouble shoot you face during practice (fractured marginal ridge, light contact, porosity, deficient restoration margins etc). Be prepared for surprises  or troubleshoot that you may come across in the exam but face it confidently as you all are well qualified dentist.

-       Most importantly religoiusly practice self mocks (atleast 10). I started it 2 months before the exam did 2 mocks / week and worked on rectifying the mistakes on the other days.

-       Don’t listen to other candidates views on the exam day at the center, you may tend to get confused. Believe in yourself and go with your instinct.

-       Hope you all come out with flying colours and remember to fight against all odds and never give up till the end. Good luck to you all.

Natasha Pakalpaty

p.s If you liked this, please share it with someone who could benefit from a little motivation to work harder… OR if you know someone who is working harder than needed, just place this on their timeline and see what happens 😉 - Pooja Malpani - Navadha