Mirror Magic - A New & Revolutionary Product from Zirc

The Problem
Dental professionals battle fogging mouth mirrors every day. Adding obstruction to an already small visual work-space. Fighting moisture and debris build-up while examining, cleaning and restoring…until now…
The Solution
The mirror magic™ Anti-fog System prevents fogging on mouth mirrors and provides the practitioner a quick method for debris removal. A disposable, self-adhesive Swipe Pad sticks to the back of a gloved hand or patient bib for efficient performance. The anti-fog solution is applied to the Swipe Pad and the mouth mirror is gently swiped prior to the start of the procedure. This anti-fog system requires only a small amount of solution for each procedure and the economic size allows the Swipe Pads and solution to be easily stored.
You can learn more about mirror magic™ by visiting: https://www.navadha.com/mirror-magic-trial-kit.htmlhttps://www.navadha.com/mirror-magic-trial-kit.html

Written by Zirc Dental Products