4 Reasons to use Zirc’s Material Management System

Are you familiar with Zirc’s Material Management System? It is one of the best investments that you can make in dental. Tub setups are the heart of proper dental office organization. It combats the overstocking of dental materials along with streamlining procedures to their fullest potential. If I could explain it in one word, it would be simpli-conven-effi-nomy…but to make more sense of this concept, I have broken it down into 4 reasons to why you should start implementing Zirc’s Material Management System right now.
Simplicity with Color
When you have one Tub to manage your materials per procedure, you are simplifying the stocking and re-stocking of the supplies needed for that procedure. Now add color identification to each and everyone knows what Tub setup is for each procedure by color code with no confusion. This also creates effortless training for new office staff!
Convenience by Organization
Everything has its place…All procedure specific materials for your setups are in one Tub. You grab that Tub when your patient arrives and store it after you complete the procedure. This provides convenience from sterilization to operatory by having your procedural items together at all times and in the right locations creating the perfect work environment.
Efficiency through Streamlining
Implementing the Material Management System products and techniques from Zirc will streamline all procedures smoothly. With a Tub setup for the procedure specific items and only storing consumable items in your operatory drawers, you create an effective inventory control process. Learn more about the no cost solution to operatory clutter here. You will save time and money by increasing efficiency throughout the entire practice.
Economy with Bulk Storage
Stock your Tub with procedure specific items and stock your operatory drawers with consumables only. The biggest and most important step in the Material Management System… (drum roll please)… is to create a Bulk Storage Area. This would hold all of the bulk items and you would only re-stock your Tubs and operatory drawers as needed. By creating this Bulk Storage Area, you are keeping all “re-stocking items” away from the practice workflow and can keep effective inventory control in a separate closet or room.
The Material Management System is a pretty sweet concept for adding efficiency to your practice right? You could almost say that it is simpli-conven-effi-nomy!
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