Three Reasons to use Mr. Thirsty® one-step with Kara Vavrosky, RDH Written by Zirc Dental Products

So many products are emerging every day in dentistry, it’s hard to keep up on them all! Not to mention knowing whether they actually work, or if they are just all hype. So what do you look for in a new product to bring into your office? A great place to start is looking for patient comfort, clinician comfort, and efficiency. Here’s how the mr. thirsty one-step isolation system covers all three!
 Patient Comfort
First and foremost, as dental hygienists, we want our patients to be comfortable during treatment. A comfortable patient makes for a greater overall dental experience. It eases nerves and stress and adds to compliance. We all know a big complaint from patients is that keeping their mouth open for prolonged periods of time is uncomfortable and for those with TMJ issues, can be painful. mr. thirsty® one-step includes a bite block allowing patients to rest their jaw during treatment. It also provides continual suction, which keeps the airway free so patients don’t feel like they are “drowning” while we use an ultrasonic scaler. Additionally, mr. thirsty® one-step comes in two sizes (which are color coded) adding to patient comfort. Increased patient comfort = less patient complaints!
 Clinician Comfort
I often feel like I need a third hand, especially when using an ultrasonic scaler or placing sealants. mr. thirsty® one-step can be that helping hand. When using mr. thirsty® one-step while using an ultrasonic, you can use indirect vision instead of contorting your neck to see because you have that extra hand for a mirror. The bite block, along with mr. thirsty one-step’s overall design that helps control the tongue, allows for a less obstructive view for the clinician. When placing sealants, mr. thirsty® one-step helps keep a dry field, which is imperative for sealant retention. Often times, hygienists put their own comfort and ergonomics along the wayside to accommodate their patients, but with mr. thirsty® one-step there’s simply no need.
As hygienists, we must be as efficient as we can with the time we have with our patients. When using mr. thirsty® one-step you aren’t stopping repeatedly to use the suction. Nor are you spending time fighting a patient’s tongue or continually asking them to, “Open please.” mr. thirsty® one-step is one piece that connects into your existing HVE valve and is single-use – so no extra time is spent in the sterile room taking it apart to sterilize. With this extra time you save, there’s so much more you can do for your patient. You can spend that extra time to fine scale that furcation just a little more, take the time to discuss home care a bit more in detail, or explain treatment the patient may need . Not to mention the ability to stay on schedule easier – keeping other patients happy, and you can even help around the office adding to the team aspect of the office.

~ Kara Vavrosky, RDH
Founder of
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