Prolong your instrument life with Dental Instrument Cassettes

A dental practice devotes several hours during the day preparing, performing and sterilizing for a single procedure. That time equates to a substantial amount of manual labor cost that is considered a “normal expense” when it comes to running a dental office. What if you could take that manual labor cost, divide it up and move it to different areas of your practice to make it more profitable?
A dental instrument cassette is a simple yet dynamic tool
Cassettes not only help in controlling your manual labor costs but bring a quick, favorable return to you without a large investment.  Purchasing a cassette will pay for itself as soon as a month after implementation and then begins to make you money without any overhead attached to it. On average a cassette will save you 5-10 minutes per procedure performed. Multiply that by how many times you perform that procedure a day, week and month…now you can see where you are gaining financial ground. You are saving money per procedure cutting labor costs and now profiting from the saved time by scheduling more appointments or offering a larger range of services.
With a cassette, there is no more individual handling, cleaning or sorting of the instruments
dental instrument cassette eliminates prep and cleaning time that would otherwise be occupied by meticulous hands-on work. It secures the procedural instruments safely and organized making chairside simple. Sterilizes effectively by keeping instrumentation together through the ultrasonic and autoclaving process and sits in sterilization collectively waiting to be called upon for the next procedure to be performed.
Check out Zirc’s E-Z Jett® Cassette System to learn more about the benefits of implementing cassettes and how you can start becoming more efficient by doing less work.

The video below provides the product features, benefits and demonstrations of functionality.